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Budget and Negotiations #1 | General Information
Posted 2/12/20

The District is committed to providing the community with up-to-date, accurate information that explains how it and the Board of Education will continue to support students, staff and its educational programs using the fiscal resources available. We are communicating with you as part of a series of communications which aim to make this information accessible and open to our broader community.




As we progress through negotiations with the San Ramon Valley Education Association (SRVEA), we want you to be aware of the following facts about the state of California’s educational funding and its effects on SRVUSD:


  • California has been below the national average in per pupil funding for decades and currently ranks 41st in the nation in per pupil spending on education.

  • SRVUSD is the second lowest funded unified school district in California.

  • SRVUSD is in its 3rd year of declining enrollment. Declining enrollment reduces revenues by about $5 million each year.

  • Most school districts in California, including SRVUSD, are experiencing structural deficits.  

  • This year SRVUSD will invest over $300 million in our valued educators and staff who support our students, including over $50 million in pension costs and over $40 million in health and welfare benefits.


Next year, our district’s expenditures are estimated to rise by $14 million due to further increases in state-mandated pensions, health and welfare benefits, operational costs and salaries.  Our district is expected to receive only $6 million in increased funding from the State's proposed cost of living adjustment (COLA) to address these increases. This $8 million imbalance between expenditures and revenues creates a structural deficit in the District’s annual budget, further impacting our ability to maintain consistent services to students and staff.


We all want to provide the very best programs and learning opportunities for students and the very best working conditions for employees in the San Ramon Valley.  As we continue to work toward reaching a contract agreement with SRVEA, the Board of Education remains committed to finding a compromise which honors our outstanding educators and fulfills the educational requirements of our students given the fiscal constraints placed upon us by the State of California.  


We will continue to communicate with you on various topics relevant to the negotiations and our budget throughout the next few weeks.