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Elementary Bell Schedule Change
Posted 5/23/19

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District strives to ensure that we provide the tools necessary to ensure that each student has access to current world-class curriculum and instruction aligned to state standards. In recognizing this important need, for the 2019-2020 school year, the SRVUSD adjusted the bell schedules to provide teachers the time to engage in this valuable work.


We understand that this is a change in practice that may lead to some concerns. The following Q&A was developed to support our community in understanding the new bell schedule. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your child’s principal or contact


FAQ Around Extra Prep and Changes in Bell Schedule


Q. What will the prep time be used for?

  1. This prep time will provide our teachers opportunities to prepare fresh lessons, collaborate with colleagues, engage in professional development, assess student work, plus so much more.


Q. How do SRVUSD’s instructional minutes compare to the State’s requirements?

  1. The state requires a minimum number of instructional minutes, however our district makes sure that we exceed the state’s minimum requirements for all elementary students.


Q. Why are we taking 5 minutes off of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday?

  1. Adjusting instructional minutes is complicated. We have to account for both instructional minutes and contract requirements. In order to acquire the cumulative total time for the additional prep, and minimize the impact on students, we took a small amount of time from each of the four days, plus instructional minutes from Wednesday. Rest assured we are meeting and exceeding the state required minimum instructional minutes. Please see the chart above.


Q. How does this change affect the Wednesday lunch and how will schools ensure students have enough time to eat?

  1. We are aware that parents have concerns regarding lunch. Principals will ensure that students have adequate breaks throughout the day and enough time to eat their lunch. They are working on their bell schedules now and will take that into account in their planning.


Q. When will I be able to see the revised bell schedule for next year?

  1. Principals are working on bell schedules now and will have a finalized version ready for their communities before the end of the school year.


Q. Will TK, K teachers and prep teachers receive the extra prep?

  1. Yes, all certificated elementary teachers will receive the extra prep.  This additional prep time is consistent across the district. ALL elementary educators will have prep at the same time as the other colleagues at their site so that they can collaborate with one another.


Q. When will the prep time be scheduled at my site?  

  1. There are 3 bell schedules for our elementary sites across the district.  The prep time at each site will be dependent upon which bell schedule applies to that site.


Q. How will this affect the TRAFFIX congestion relief bus program?  

  1. The district has communicated with TRAFFIX and they will be changing their schedules accordingly.